Sight reading is not taught or required. In-home sessions only. To book a session, contact To hear TC perform, visit her band page at

Performance Coaching (The 'Mini-Idol') -
This section covers everything from how to make an entrance to how to make them want more! - 1 hour session $70.00 - Song selection, Key/Tempo selections, Audience engagement, Microphone technique & stagecraft, Live Sound Engineering, Singing while playing an instrument

Emergent Voices - For the beginner or vocally-challenged. Despite what your friends say, you don't have to be 'born with it'. - 1 hour session $70.00
Discussion of your goals, Tone matching, ear training, Interval training with familiar melodies, Introduction of core training and breathing exercises

Vocal support during studio recording -
A vocal coach at your recording sessions is an advantage that most of your competitors do not have! - $300.00/day
Song selection/culling material, Scheduling / Logistics for sessions, Key/Tempo selections, Pre-recording warm-up sessions at the studio, Microphone technique, Supervision of lead vocal tracks, Supervision of backing vocal tracks

Injured Voice - Two years ago, TC's career almost ended because of a vocal injury. This video was taken while TC was in recovery. - $100/program - Diagnosis & career counseling, Create strategy for care & use, Dietary remedies, Short term remedies, A guide to medical intervention

Expansion of power & vocal range -
For established vocalists going to the 'next level'.
1 hour session $75.00 - Phrase Construction (breathing), Physiology (chest/head voice), Physical Therapy, Plot entire vocal range, Plot optimal vocal range (tessitura), Measure power levels, Acoustic Projection, Microphone Technique

Harmony - The below video is an example of TC's harmony and vocal arrangement work. - 1 hour session $75.00 - Interval Training, Math/Theory, Alternative melody construction, Vocal arrangement