Despite what your friends say, you don't have to be 'born with it'

If you've arrived at my digital doorstep,  you already believe you can become a better singer, but you don't know how to start, and you don't want to commit to a long series of expensive voice lessons.  You want to get better, quicker!  Well, I want that for you, too!

My specialty is working with students who have been told they'll never get the solo part in their choir, or that maybe they shouldn't be singing at all.  These kinds of students have the most potential for dramatic improvement.  Seeing you genuinely begin to enjoy your own voice is a thrill, and I hope you will enjoy singing with me during the lessons, because I teach singing 'in tandem'.  My voice will be there to support yours.

My plan for you is unique in that we will not be focusing on music theory or classical voice exercises.  I've done them all, and they are a crashing bore.  We're going to sing the songs that you like to sing, and we'll do this in a way that will work for your voice range.  Along the way, your range is going to widen, and your repertoire will grow along with it.  And you don't have to commit to the same day each week - I am a performing songwriter, and sometimes my own schedule prevents me from keeping a rigid schedule.  But worry not - we'll work out an interval that's just right for you.

My voice lessons are sold in 4-session packages. Your first lesson will include an analysis of your starting voice, a test recording, and a vocal health program designed to get you through the remainder of your lessons.  *I don't encourage students to 'grind' or over-practice their way to proficiency* You will be improving fast enough without overdoing it.  And if it's not fun, it's wrong!

My studio is located above the historic Westcliffe Rail Station at 102 Main Street.  One of the great things about this location is that there are rarely other people in the building, so you and I can let loose with abandon and 'caterwaul' to our hearts' content.  I have a wonderful sounding 'wet' room made of wood from floor to ceiling, and a 'dry' upholstered isolation booth we can use if you choose to record something while you're here.

I believe that you don't have to be 'born with it' to become a good singer.  My goal is not just to help you improve your voice, but also to change the way you listen to and appreciate music.  And at the end of the series, (if you're comfortable with the idea), we're going to find that karaoke night or open mic bar, and test drive what you've learned!


Performance Coaching

This section covers everything from how to make an entrance to how to make them want more!

Song selection, Key/Tempo selections, Audience engagement, Microphone technique & stagecraft, Live Sound Engineering, Singing while playing an instrument (45-minute sessions)

4 sessions $225

Emergent Voices

For the beginner or vocally-challenged. Despite what your friends say, you don't have to be 'born with it'

Discussion of your goals, Tone matching, ear training, Interval training with familiar melodies, Introduction of core training and breathing exercises (45-minute sessions)

4 sessions $225

Vocal support during studio recording

A vocal coach at your recording sessions is an advantage that most of your competitors do not have!

Song selection/culling material, Scheduling / Logistics for sessions, Key/Tempo selections, Pre-recording warm-up sessions at the studio, Microphone technique, Supervision of lead vocal tracks, Supervision of backing vocal tracks


Expansion of power & vocal range

For established vocalists going to the 'next level'

Phrase Construction (breathing), Physiology (chest/head voice), Physical Therapy, Plot entire vocal range, Plot optimal vocal range (tessitura), Measure power levels, Acoustic Projection, Microphone Technique (45-minute sessions)

4 sessions $225


Smythe & Taylor

TC is the vocal anchor for the award-winning acoustic duo, Smythe and Taylor.  The 2021 season will include their 12th European tour and their 12th CD project. Among their many accolades, are the "Vocal Group of the Year" award from the Academy of Texas Music, and the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Award.


SoundChick is a full-service, woman-owned audio engineering and sound equipment rental company based in the Wet Mountain Valley of Southern Colorado. We offer JBL, Mackie, Alesis, and Soundcraft gear. Mobile recording and sound reinforcement, as well as audio workshops and music industry education. Supporting women and girls in the music business since 2002.


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